Improve campaigns, avoid AI- Generated Content sites and placements 

Artificial Intelligence might have a good future, but it is also being used to generate content for sites solely to attract programmatic ad spend. These clickbait sites are full of junk content and misinformation, sometimes in the form of harmful, inaccurate content about health topics or worse. Because of this, millions in programmatic ad dollars are going to waste.


Our AI Generated Content category give you the power to exclude those sites from your
campaign, immediately improving brand suitability and performance. While keeping ads off of
sites that were created solely to grab programmatic dollars, it does not block articles about the
topics of AI-generated content, such as news articles about AI or chatGPT and OpenAI.


Will this block articles that are about AI and chatGPT?

No it will not. For example, this page would not be blocked.

What are some examples?

Example of generated content:

How is this different from the MFA category?

This category is specifically identifying pages created by AI chatbots, and is inclusive of MFA. The Made For Advertising category is just sites that are deemed to be MFA regardless of how the content was created.

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