Exploring Beyond the Tip of the CTV Iceberg

Throughout the course of our research study, we watched hours of CTV content on both Divisive News and Fake CTV content channels to gain on understanding as to who is actually buying this inventory.  Across both types of channels, we saw an average of 45% of ads were bought by Fortune 500 brands and there was a 27% chance of duplicate advertisers repeatedly buying this inventory


Throughout our research we wrestle with how Divisive News and Fake CTV content channels fit into the estimated $14 billion dollars projected to be spent on programmatic CTV this year.  Peer39's technology classifies 10,000 channels as having Fake CTV content, and taking into account the 50,000 CTV channels we classify, that's 20% of all CTV environments publishing Fake content alone.  The growing number of FAST channels becoming available is only exacerbating this problem further, and that's before we can even get to the kind of Divisive News content that can violate brand safety and suitability standards.

The results of our study made it clear that standard pre-bid controls are not granular enough to protect advertisers from Divisive and Fake CTV content – and in a market projecting billions in spend this year, there are potentially hundreds of millions of dollars on the line.


What is a FAST channel?

  • FAST stands for "Free Ad-Supported Television" and these types of channels have contributed to the more than 50,000 CTV channels available to buyers.

What is Divisive Content on CTV?

  • Divisive Content on CTV are channels that present and promote divisive news and are not fact-checked, politically biased, or satirical.  These channels can veer into hyperpartisan political programming and even misinformation. 

What is Fake Content on CTV?

  • Fake Content on CTV are channels that don't fit the concept of TV content – these are ad-supported screensavers, white noise generators, "boyfriend simulators," game channels and mobile apps posing as CTV in programmatic marketplaces.

How can I protect my campaign from Divisive and Fake CTV Inventory?

  • Peer39's Safe from Divisive Content and Safe from Fake Content categories are widely available in all DSPs to keep buyers safe from this inventory.


The Tip of the CTV Iceberg

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